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Return Policy

Purus provides after-sales service for products sold in Taiwan. 

The product warranty period starts from the stipulation. 
• Damaged by non-human factors, the normal warranty is 1 year, you can use the following methods to log in 
•Customer service login: e-mail, telephone, message, can be guaranteed for one year 
•App online warranty: plus 0.5 years warranty, you can guarantee 1.5 years 
• To avoid disputes, please log in as soon as possible after purchase 
• Note: If you have never logged in, the warranty period will be calculated based on the shipping date + 14 months 

In any of the following cases, no free discount will be given during the warranty period: 
1. Damage caused by natural disasters, irresistible external forces or human negligence 
2. Failure or damage caused by negligence or misuse. 
3. Failure or damage caused by unauthorized modification of the product or inspection and maintenance by outside personnel. 
4. Failure or damage caused by relocation or transportation of the installation location. 
5. Failure or damage caused by abnormal voltage, poor installation, foreign matter intrusion, etc. 
6. The cause of the failure occurred outside the body (for example: video tape, antenna, etc.). 
7. Consumables such as sensors are not covered by the warranty. 
8. Moisture or immersion of the circuit will cause serious oxidation and corrosion of electronic parts 
9. Other abnormal use


‧There is a legal Appreciation period within seven days after the arrival of the goods (Appreciation period is not a trial period) 

‧Within 7 days after receipt of the goods, if there is any warranty or other related issues, we will send someone to pick up the goods. After 7 days, you need to send it back by yourself. 

‧If you have any questions about the use of the machine, please contact customer service personnel for consultation. Since the product of the cleaner is a personal hygiene product, once it is opened and used, it will not be returned to the original factory (replacement). 

‧When returning or replacing goods, including the goods in the original outer packaging, invoices, accessories, gifts and boxes, please keep the integrity of the goods. If there are any missing parts or damage, we will deduct the cost after the assessment and refund part of the amount to you.