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Q1. Purus Air i operating guideline ▾

If you have any questions about operation, please click【Link】

Q2. Filter-free for purus air i? ▾

PURUS Air i Plus uses a durable stainless steel dust collecting plate, which can be scrubbed, rinsed, wiped and reused. You'll never have to pay any subscription fee or spend a dime on costly filter replacements.

Q3. Cleaning and Maintenance? ▾

Please refer to video/file, click the【Link】

Q4. Purus Air i operating guideline ▾

Purus Air i operating guideline

Q5. How to clean the stainless filter? ▾

PURUS Air i Plus comes equipped with an air quality sensor that always monitors your surrounding air quality.

Q6. Testing report ▾

Streptococcus Pneumoniae Testing Report
Legionella Pneumophila Testing Report
PM 2.5 Testing Report
Ozone Testing Report

Q7. Spec & Details? ▾

Product Dimension:80X80X200mm
Product weight:580g

Q8. Warranty issues? ▾

The warranty period is counted as 14 months from the product delivery date.

Q9. Other questions ▾

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