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PURUS air i Smart Air Cleaner   Operation guide Q & A

How to Power on?

 Connect the power, there are 2 methods:

  1. Press the power for 3 seconds.
  2. Open the APP and click the button.

Why can't I boot?

Please check,

  1. Is the power supply connected?
  2. Is the top cover tight?

Bluetooth has been unable to connect to the device, what should I do?

Please do the following:

  1. Select Bluetooth in the setting area and press“ i ” button.
  2. Select “Forget this device setting”.
  3. Remove power from the device and reconnect.
  4. Turn off APP and restart APP.

((Android system is version 6.0 or above, please enable location service! ))

Why is there no screen after booting?

 The initial setting is power saving mode. If you want to change the mode, please connect to the APP to adjust.

How to start the focus clock?

Please connect to the APP to adjust the settings﹝ifocus﹞

  ※ ifocus must be connected to the app, the screen will be the correct time.

How to make the machine to show the PM2.5 ?

Please connect to the APP to adjust the settings﹝ioffice﹞

After setting the outdoor weather reminder, why didn't the screen respond?

APP must be connected to the device at the set time to be presented in the present.



There are devices in the vicinity. Why can't I switch devices?

 PURUS air i only one mobile phone is allowed to connect at a time. Please make sure that no one else is operating the machine.

(If the original user's mobile APP is still in the temporary background, the monitoring cannot be switched, and the APP must be released and slipped)

How do I clean the filter?

 Please refer to the operation manual page 12~ page 14.

The APP will also provide a cleaning reminder, but you also need to adjust the cleaning frequency according to your environment.

How do I adjust the wind speed?

 If you want to change the mode, please connect to the APP to adjust.

  1. There are three types of wind speed modes, such as auto sleep, auto turbo and manuel.
  2. The initial setting is the auto sleep mode. This mode and the auto turbo mode will automatically adjust the wind speed according the value of the PM sensor.



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